Welcome to Revolutionary Running and the opportunity to learn ChiRunning in Yorkshire, UK.

ChiRunning focuses on improving running technique to help reduce injuries and increase efficiency.

Here is a 10 minute video explaining the ChiRunning principles.

If you are a runner I am guessing that you love to run. I am also guessing that you hate being injured. Sadly, injuries as a result of running are all too common as are tight, sore muscles including:

  • – Shin Splints
  • – IT (Iliotibial) Band Syndrome
  • – Plantar Fasciitis
  • – Achilles pain
  • – Tight/sore calves
  • – Tightness in your back neck and shoulders

The result:
  • – You often find yourself missing runs or reducing the intensity of them to try stave off an injury – that 5 mile tempo run becomes an easy 3miles
  • – You fall behind on your training programme for an important race
  • – You feel like you are spending far too much time and money at the physio/chiropractor/osteopath etc etc
  • – You may even be considering giving up running and taking up a lower impact sport.

If this sounds like you it is time to consider how you run i.e. your running technique.

Reduce injuries, recover faster and train more consistently by learning the ChiRunning technique.

You don't even need to see yourself as 'a runner' to benefit from the ChiRunning technique.

  • – You would like to start running but are put off by all you hear about injuries
  • – Running isn't your main sport, you do it to keep fit for another sport